Jack Pyke Hunting Bags - From Gun Dog Bags to Game Bags

The Jack Pyke bag range offers quite a large selection & choice of different types of bags used for hunting. Depending on the type of hunting session will determine which style of bag will be the best for the job   

  • All Jack Pyke hunting bags are made from a strong Cordura hard wearing material, with reinforced shoulder straps for comfort, along with strong closure such as a zip or buckle. 

    Cartridge Bag & Speed Loader Cartridge Bags

    If you are looking for a bag which is just designed to hold shotgun cartridges, then the Jack Pyke Cartridge bag would be the perfect choice for you. Choose from the standard cartridge bag or the handy Jack Pyke Speed Loader Cartridge Bag, which holds up to 70 loose cartridges in the bag and a further four held in position on the webbing belt for quick reloading. Both styles of bag come in a selection of colours including our unique English camo patterns. 

    Dog Bags

    If the bag is to accommodate your gun dog essentials (e.g. whistle, lead, foldable drinking bowl, dummies, etc.) then look no further than the Jack Pyke Dog bag. It has a fair size, adjustable strap and you should have no trouble storing all the beneficial items comfortably into one bag. 

    Game Bags

    The Jack Pyke Game Bag is solely designed for carrying your game, it’s a traditional English styled game bag which has a mesh front for airing your game and preserving the games quality. 

    Other Hunting Bags

    As well as the above Hunting Bags we also have a range of bags & gun slips available for a variety of outdoor activities:

    • Waist Bag with Bottle - Handy sized bum/ waist bag with drinks bottle included.

    • Boot bag. - The ideal bag for storing muddy boots, especially in the boot of the car!

    • 25ltr rucksack. - Keep your hands free. Will store all the essentials.

    • Maxi decoy bag – Large bag 120ltr Keep all your decoying kit in this one.

    • Decoy bag – Smaller version of the Maxi. Holds same amount in main compartment, but no outer pockets.


    A selection of Jack Pyke Pouches are also available. These range from a small pellet pouches, rifle bolt pouches and a selection of rifle bench rests.

    The Sizing of your Hunting Bag 

    Before deciding on which sized Jack Pyke Hunting Bag meets your requirements, think about what everyday hunting essentials you will need to accommodate. You may also want to make provision for emergency equipment such as a small first aid kit, along with extra clothing layers, mosquito/insect repellent and not forgetting your packed lunch & drinks flask! 

    Colours and Camouflage

    All Jack Pyke Bags come in a selection of different colours or English region camouflage. Colours available include hunter’s green, black and English woodland/oak fabric in green or brown. Choosing the right colour or camouflage depends on personal preference and whether you would like your bag to match the rest of your apparel.


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