Jack Pyke English Oak Camo

English Oak Camo

Jack Pyke continually research and develop ingenious new products and designs, including ultra realistic camo patterns to help you blend into the surrounding British country side.

The English Oak camo design was one such development, and was the company first and original camo pattern design.

Developed in the UK by the Thatchreed in-house design and technology team, who were briefed and instructed to come up with a very realistic English Autumn and Winter camo design, which would help the hunter blend in to the surrounding area, even if there was very little natural camo cover.

The team started taking images of an English Oak woodland, then selected the very best images ready for reproducing them digitally. The final result speaks for itself, the English Oak pattern works perfectly blending you into the English county side.

Before the Jack Pyke English Oak pattern came along, the UK hunting fraternity had to rely on imported US forest pattern garments. Now you can seamlessly fit in to the English surrounding area with a full range of Jack Pyke English Oak clothing, and not in a US forest pattern!

The English Oak camo design is being continually added to and expanded.