Jack Pyke Camo Patterns - English Oak | English Woodland | Wildlands Camo


Designed in the UK for the UK 

English Oak  English Woodland  Wildlands Camo

A collection of ultra-realistic 3D camouflage patterns designed in the heart of England specifically for use in the English countryside.

Three completely different camo colour choices to choose from, including the original English Oak camo pattern.

Before the English Oak design came along, the only choice for British hunters looking for good camo concealment was made using American forest designs.

Click on link to find out more information and to view an image of the camo design from Jack Pyke.

English Oak Design

English Oak – Designed to blend into the British autumn and winter landscapes, with it's shades of golden browns and splashes of greens this design will help you blend in even if available cover is sparse.

English Woodland Design

English Woodland – Ideal for the English countryside in spring and summer months. Designed using mainly green tones from native species found in and around the UK.


Wildlands – Ideal for any season but specifically for wetlands & fields of stubble. Predominantly brown & cream tones using 3D design of stubble & dry grasses.



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