Jack Pyke Gun, Rifle Slips & Gun Bags

Jack Pyke offer quite a varied selection of gun slips in a choice of colours and design. When deciding on the right slip for the job you should consider things like, how much padding for protection, how many pouches you require and what colour. Do you need the slip for a shot gun or rifle with sight/scope attached.?

Jack Pyke Shotgun slip

As the name implies this slip has been specifically designed to hold a shotgun. It has a padded interior, made with a hard wearing fabric and also has a zipped storage pouch.

Jack Pyke Rifle and Sight Slip

This slip made by Jack Pyke was also designed as the name implies for a Rifle although has been given extra room at the top of the bag to accommodate your gun sight. This slip also has a padded interior, all made from a hard wearing fabric with a zipped pouch on the front for any essentials.

Jack Pyke Foldable Gun Slip

The foldable gun slip is a cleverly designed substitute to the other slips sold by Jack Pyke in that this slip can be rolled up and put away in a bag or clipped on to a belt with the carabina provided. However the foldable gun slip does not have padding on the inside for your gun just a soft lining so depending on the protection you were looking for for your gun you may wish to consider a product with slightly more padding e.g. The Rifle and sight / shotgun slip.

Jack Pyke Foldable Rifle Slip

The Jack Pyke foldable rifle slip has been designed almost identically to the foldable gun slip, however this one has been specifically designed to accommodate your rifle in that its size is a lot bigger than the foldable gun slip.

Jack Pyke Rifle Bag

The Rifle bag made and designed by Jack Pyke is as the name implies a bag for your rifle, although the difference being buying a rifle bag to a rifle and sight slip is that the rifle bag is a lot more padded, there is room for both your rifle and sight, it has 4 external pockets to carry any shooting essentials e.g. shooting glasses, stealth tape, or even your packed lunch. As this rifle bag is quite a lot bigger then the other rifle and gun slips, Jack Pyke has cleverly incorporated a 3 way carrying system, by handle, by shoulder strap or even like a rucksack which allows you to carry you gun and gun essentials in the most comfortable way to you.

Jack Pyke Super Scope Slip

This slip designed and made by Jack Pyke is again to carry your rifle, it is a very similar product to the Jack Pyke Rifle and Sight Slip but this slip has extra room which is to accommodate a slightly longer sight. Depending on the size sight you use whilst hunting should determine your choice between this product and the Rifle and Sight Slip.

Jack Pyke Sporting Gun Slip

The Sporting range of gun slips have been designed with the clay shooter in mind. It has a well padded interior and what Jack Pyke like to refer to as the “grab and go” design. It is a really clever and unique design by Jack Pyke where they have incorporated pouches along the slip to accommodate your shooting glasses, ear defenders, chokes and any documentation needed. This slip will hold most guns as well as the semi autos.

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