Jack Pyke Outdoor Boots, Wellingtons & Socks

Jack Pyke have a quality range of outdoor boots and wellingtons fit for hunting, shooting and many other outdoor pursuits. We stock the full range of hunting boots to keep your feet warm, dry & comfortable.


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Looking for hunting socks or washable anti-bacteria insoles to keep your hunting boots feeling fresh over time?

Hunting boots need to be substantial, robust & preferably waterproof, but also they need to be reasonably lightweight. You can cover many miles whilst out hunting and you may not notice the weight of heavy hunting boots at the start of the day. However as the day wears on you certainly will notice a heavy boot which can slow you down and tire you out. Your choice of hunting boot needs to be comfortable both for hunting and for just standing around in.

The hunting boot sole is also critical; look for a sole that's both strong & flexible plus provides excellent grip, so you dont end up slipping when you take aim. The Jack Pyke Hunters Boot uses specialist technology in their Vibram soles which are designed to handle all sorts of terrain.

Whilst hunting within the UK, waterproof hunting boots are a must. Materials with both breathable and waterproof qualities like the Hydroguard membrane, are ideal for these types of boots. They will prevent water from getting in through your hunting boot, yet allow moisture from inside your boot & feet to evaporate. In order to minimise odour, the use of washable microbial insoles will keep your boots feeling fresh. For hunting in the winter months, hunting boots with a thermal lining are essential for comfort against the cold.

Depending on the terrain and the amount of support/protection you require for your ankles & shins, you could opt for the high-leg Jack Pyke Hunters Boot or the lower-legged Jack Pyke Fieldman Boot. If youre looking for complete camouflage, take a look at the Jack Pyke Tundra Boot in the English Oak pattern, offering comfort and complete concealment in English woodlands.

If your preference is to wear wellingtons, choose lined boots like the Jack Pyke Countryman wellington boot, offering greater warmth and comfort with neoprene lining which gives an insulating and cushioning effect. For ease of removing your wellington boots, choose boots with a wide or even full-length zipped gusset.

Please note that outdoor hunting socks are much thicker than everyday socks, so make sure you allow for this so that your hunting boots fit comfortably.

If you have a question then you can call us on 08445 611105 for help choosing the right boot, wellington or socks.

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