Jack Pyke Pouches Including Knife, Bullet, & Rifle Bolt Pouches with Colour Options

Jack Pyke offer a range of different pouches to accommodate a variety of items. Most of the pouches sold by us have a handy webbing strap to the rear of the pouch for fitting on to your belt making them easily accessible when needed.

Jack Pyke Knife Pouch

The knife pouch from Jack Pyke is made with strong 600D cordura fabric so you can be sure its hard wearing. As the name implies this pouch is for carrying your hunting knife and will hold any knife 12 x 3.5cm or smaller. Can be attached to belt for easy access to your knife.

Jack Pyke Bullet Pouch

Exactly what its name suggests, a pouch to accommodate your bullets. This pouch has a 3 way folding system and will hold 16 bullets at any one time, and can mount on to your belt securly.

Jack Pyke pellet pouch

The Jack Pyke Pellet pouch made from 600D polyester can hold up to 500 loose pellets. It has a rear belt webbing strap and velco closure. Making your pellets accessible whilst out on your hunt.

Jack Pyke Phone Pouch

This phone pouch from jack pyke has a fitting for your belt, it is made with 600D cordura and has a velcro strap to secure your phone in.

Jack Pyke Rifle Bolt Pouch

The Jack Pyke Rifle Bolt Pouch fits on to a belt from the rear of the pouch. This is specifically for holding a rifle bolt.

Jack Pyke Pro Sport Choke Pouch

This pouch is from the Jack Pyke Pro Sport range and has been specifically designed for the clay shooter, it can hold up to 6 shotgun chokes and with the carabina provided will easily clip onto your bag, coat or belt.

Jack Pyke Pro Sport double cartridge pouch

This pouch from Jack Pyke is the only pouch we do which fits around your waist. It has two pouches hence the name double, taking into account both pouches each holding 50 cartridges it can actually hold in total 100 cartridges.

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