Jack Pyke Clothing - For Quality Hunting Apparel & Outdoor Sportswear

Jack Pyke Shop have the full range of Jack Pyke Clothing for all your hunting & shooting needs, from one of the biggest names in outdoor country pursuits. Everything you require from hunting jackets and matching trousers to high wicking base layers. Footwear to keep your feet warm, dry & comfortable. Browse the whole Jack Pyke clothing range by category below.


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Browse the whole Jack Pyke clothing range by category.
  • Here you will find the full Jack Pyke clothing collection available, including the English Oak Hunters Jacket, matching English Oak Tundra Boots hunters socks and much more..

    Camo Pattern and Colour

    Pattern and colour are not the only considerations when hunting in the UK. The Jack Pyke clothing range uses specialist technology and materials for optimum comfort out in the field, allowing you to enjoy field sports whatever the changeable British weather might bring. In wet weather you will be glad of the excellent waterproofing qualities of the outer garments. Jackets and gilets are available in a range of fabrics.

    When minimising sound is a priority, particularly when stalking, Breatha-tex Stealth fabric will prove invaluable and is available in all of the Jack Pyke clothing camo patterns. Jackets are also available in Breatha-tex soft shell fabric which comes in English Oak camo or Hunters Green. The Breatha-tex material is waterproof and windproof yet breathable, allowing sweat to escape through the membrane. Look out for features such as hand warmer pockets and a waterproof seat flap, all designed to maximise your comfort out in the field.

    Layers are essential for field sports as the body can quickly get hot whilst walking to the area and then lose heat once you are moving slowly or standing still. Wearing layers of camouflage will allow you to blend in to the scenery even when outer layers are removed. Jack Pyke shop stock camo t-shirts and long-sleeved tops, as well as thermal base layers for colder weather.

    Camouflaged items are also available to cover the extremities. Gloves are available in camo neoprene, which has excellent insulating and waterproof qualities. A balaclava can be useful in wet and cold weather to provide additional protection from the elements as well as contributing to your camouflage. Additionally in summer it will help to keep midges at bay.

    The Jack Pyke clothing range includes items for children, and even your four-legged friend is not forgotten, with a dog's neoprene vest available in English Woodland or English Oak camo pattern.

    Whilst it has been designed for field sports, the Jack Pyke clothing range is also ideal for wildlife photographers. Choosing Jack Pyke clothing for outdoor pursuits in the UK will enhance your concealment skills whilst allowing freedom of movement and providing maximum comfort


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