What is Thinsulate? Found in Some Jack Pyke Products 

Jack Pyke Thinsulate Hats

Thinsulate is one of many trademarks of the famous 3M Corporation and was introduced to the clothing market in the 1970's. It was originally intended and designed for skiing clothing, for keeping you warm in the snow, since then Thinsulate has spread worldwide and is used in many hunting clothing items today.

Jack Pyke Shop have a great range of Thinsulate hats, balaclava, gloves, shooters mitts and even countryman hunting boots.

Thinsulate hunting clothing is defiantly a great purchase for keeping you warm. Thinsulate insulation works by trapping as many air molecules between you and the outside air as possible, the more air molecules that are trapped in the fabric in a given space, the more efficient it will be to keeping you warm. Because Thinsulate microfibres in Thinsulate insulation are a lot thinner than other fibres they manage to trap a lot more air in a more combined space, which of course makes the insulation more conductive at keeping you warm.

Jack Pyke Shop have a really good range of Thinsulate hunting clothing products for the outdoor and hunting markets, as the material is breathable and completely moisture-resistant, also both machine washable and dry cleanable, so works to your advantage in every way possible.

Thinsulate is specifically designed for all weather conditions, from the chilly English woodland Autumn days to Siberian Winters. The microfibres which are used to make Thinsulate insulation are roughly ten times smaller then the fibres used for other synthetic insulation which makes Thinsulate the most efficient for trapping the air and keeping you warm.

Whether you choose to wash your hunting Thinsulate Gloves & hats repeatedly through machine wash or dry cleaners this will not effect the Thinsulate insulations performance in anyway. Tests have shown that even after repeatedly washing Thinsulate, the insulation remains relatively unchanged.

Thinsulate is defiantly the smartest choice when it comes to keeping your self warm when out hunting or just enjoying the great outdoors. Thinsulate insulation offers almost twice the warmth of high-loft insulation materials and one and a half times the warmth of down, so if your looking to keep warm Thinsulate is the way forward.